Our Connect Groups operate at various times and seasons.  Some run on a semester basis while others operate all year long.  We have seasonal and topical groups as well.   And while we strive to cultivate a healthy culture of fellowship and community at Faith Evangelical Free Church, we encourage our Connect Groups to observe periods of rest between seasons and occasional breaks from meeting regularly each week. During the break periods, however, it is not uncommon for groups to host a few get-togethers in lieu of a regular meeting.
               If you would like more information about a particular Connect Group, or are interested in joining a group, we invite you to contact the group leader below.  Just click on the button for that group!  It’s simple.  Feel free to ask Connect Group leaders for details about the topic of study, books, directions, babysitting, etc. 
The Amazing Grays is a collection of great ladies–all 55+–who get together to study God’s Word and support each other.  If you want to join a fantastic community of seasoned women…the Amazing Grays is for you!
Click here to email Maureen
Life’s Healing Choices is a group for ladies who are struggling with any type of addiction.  Following the Life’s Healing Choices model, this group changes lives dramatically, through Scripture and discipleship.  
Click here to email Laura
The Cheesman Group is a women’s group that meets in Winslow.  Great ladies…thorough studies…exceptional leader!  If you want to grow deeper…you want to be in this group!
Click here to email Meg

The Cole Group is a mixed group that meets in Sidney.  Led by Don–one of Faith’s elders–and his wife Alanna, the Cole Group will blow you away with amazing content and stories.   We can’t recommend this group enough!
Click here to email Don
Connect Moms is a group for mothers with young children.  These ladies–and their children–meet at the church to learn and grow together into God-pleasing women who are a light to everyone.  If you have young children and are looking to walk in faith with a great group of moms…this is the group for you!  Babysitting is available!
Click here to email Sarah

The Crane Group is a a group of men who are doers, led by Gary–one of the best “doers” we have at Faith Church.  They meet in Oakland.  If you want to really learn Scripture and be mentored by one of the best–all while within an extremely strong group of men–you’ll want to email Gary.
Click here to email Gary
The Cucci Group is a men’s group that meets on Monday evenings here at Faith–in the entryway.  This is a great group studying great content.  If you want to be challenged and lovingly held accoutable, this is the group for you! 
Click here to email Jeff
The Dionne Group is for women who are looking for an encouraging, fun, safe place to learn and grow.  The group meets in Oakland.  If you’re looking to learn while being discipled and encouraged (and to make some really good friends in the process), you’ll want to meet Shelby!
Click here to email Shelby
The Fairchild Group is a mixed group of people who are fortunate to be led by a great couple–Tim and Bev.  If you can make it to Oakland once a week, you will not regret jumping into this amazing group.  We guarantee it.  Just don’t blame us if you end up becoming an missionary.
Click here to email Tim or Bev
The Farnham Group is a mixed group of people who meet here at Faith every other Sunday.  This group is for anyone who wants to learn about Jesus and who enjoys being around positive, fun people.  The Farnham Group is very active throughout the year.  Once you get in this group…you won’t want to leave!  
Click here to email Jon
The Eaton Group is a ladies group that meets here at Faith in the Bee Lee Center.  This group is known for it’s amazing content and it’s amazing leader, Patience.  The roster fills up quick so email Patience asap!
Click here to email Patience
If you like fun, kind people, the Gardner Group is for you.  The Gardners host a couples group in Albion and it’s well worth the drive!   If you give this group a try, you’ll make lifelong friends and learn a TON!
Click here to email Kelly
GriefShare is a one-of-a-kind group designed to help women through the grieving process after losing a loved one.  If you’ve lost a loved one at any point if your life and you are struggling–this group led by lovely, caring, supportive women will help the healing process begin.  Many ladies love it so much they attend multiple times!  We encourage you to do so as well!
Click here to email Pat
The Hallee Group, led by one of our elders, Paul, meets here at Faith Church on  Saturday mornings.  If you don’t know Paul…you should.  He is amazing!  Whether you’re a gentlemen going through a rough patch and need mentoring and truth…or you’re just a man looking for very sound teaching–give Paul’s group a try.  You won’t regret it.
Click here to email Paul
The Haskell Group, led by our good friends Randy and Linda, meet in Manchester (very close to Fielder’s Choice, BTW).   People don’t come any nicer or more service oriented than these two awesome leaders.  You don’t just get a group here…you get family!  Whether you’re single or married, you’ll love these folks.
Click here to email Randy

We love Scott and Pam Henker–and you will too!  They’re smart, fun, helpful, encouraging, and wise–what else could anyone ask for?  Oh yeah, they love the Lord and want to share that with you!  The Henker Group meets in Oakland and is for anyone looking for a connection!  Reach out to them now! 
Click here to email Scott and Pam
Jim Higgs is one of our leading elders.  Not only is he a lovely person…he spends most of his free time encouraging all of us and listening to us when we need his wisdom.  If you don’t know Jim…you need to get to know him.  He…is…amazing.  Jim has two groups–one in Pittsfield on Friday morning (for men) and one in Burnham on Wednesday evenings (mixed).  You will love meeting with Jim.  Will you grow exponentially?  Absolutely!
Click here to email Jim
The Kenny Group features two of Faith’s busiest people–Lance and Michelle.  If you’ve been at Faith for a couple of weeks or more, you’ve probably seen them involved in something!  We’re fortunate to have them and their awesome family.  Lance and Michelle are passion-filled and are overflowing with knowledge to share with those who attend their group here at the Church.  Everyone who meets the Kennys loves them!  Whether you’re single or married, you’re welcome here.
Click here to email Lance

The Over-the-Hill Gang, led by Pastor Ron, meets in the Youth Building every Tuesday morning.  One of our most popular groups, the OTG brings excellent biblical teaching to a group of seasoned men (you have to 55+ to get in) who are all sharp at tacks.  If you want to be in an awesome place to start off your week…you want to be in this group.  By the way…Pastor Ron is one of the coolest old dudes on the planet.  You will love him!
Click here to email Pastor Ron
If we were going to recommend just one group…we wouldn’t.  But IF we did, it would be this one.  That’s because it’s led by Mike Phillips who happens to be a great teacher and amazing human being (and his family is amazing too)!  The Phillips Group meets in Vassalboro and has single and married members.  If you don’t live in Vassalboro…it’s worth the drive.  You will make friends for life here.  Trust us…just email them.
Click here to email Mike

The Sheridan Group meets here at Faith.  What can we say about this group that best conveys its essence?  Humility.  Quiet confidence.  Love.  Zero guile.  Tom and Deb are wonderful, thoughtful, helpful, and more.  Did we mention they are wonderful?  See for yourself.  Everyone loves the Sheridans!  Warning- this group fills up quick. 
Click here to email Tom
Do you like camping?  How about evenings filled with worship and fun?  Fellowship?  Like meeting people like you?  Service opportunities? 
The VINE is a young adult community built for men and women who are 18-25 years old.   There is nothing like this in the area–so get in touch with Jake and his wife, Lindsay, as soon as you can (just click the link below).  The VINE meets on the first and third Fridays of every month. 
Click here to email Jake